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Direct Cremation

Your local direct cremation service in Soham and the surrounding area.

C.E. Fuller & Co has an excellent reputation for offering both traditional and contemporary funeral services. We also offer a Direct Cremation service, both at the time of need and for advance funeral planning.

How It Works

A direct cremation in its basic form is very different to a funeral, as there is no service for mourners to attend. We offer a local alternative with a more personal service to national Direct Cremation providers. Families also have greater flexibility, including the option to say farewell to their loved one in our Chapel of Rest.

Why Choose Local?

Choice And An Opportunity To Say 'Farewell'

We offer additional, optional services such as allowing for the preparation of the individual to enable families to say their farewells in our Chapel of Rest.

A Dedicated Local Team

We are dedicated to the community and to customer service; you will never be speaking with someone in a call centre.

Timely Service

We will arrange the cremation in a timely manner, usually within a few days – but many national companies can often take several weeks to complete the cremation, which can be a stressful time for those who are grieving.


Your loved one is transferred to our Chapel of Rest at our funeral home, in the local community, by our trained and dedicated team. National companies often leave the person who has died for long periods of time in hospital mortuaries, with no preparation or care, before transporting them to a crematorium, sometimes hundreds of miles away.

Is It The Right Choice For You And Your Family?

We believe it’s important to consider whether a direct cremation is the best option for you, or if an attended funeral service would be the right choice.

A funeral is very often the start of the healing process following bereavement. It’s traditionally a time for family and friends to come together; to grieve, to share memories and support each other. Without a funeral service, that opportunity may be lost.

Funerals today do not need to follow a particular format, they are not always religious, and have more emphasis on a celebration of life. We would encourage you to take some time to open a discussion with your family and friends to help you decide if direct cremation is the right path to take, not just for the person who has died, but also for those who are left behind.

We support the ‘Let’s Talk About Direct Cremation’ campaign, which has been launched by the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors.

Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans

We are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Open Prepaid Funerals Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Firm Reference Number 962403.

When it comes to planning a funeral or a direct cremation, it can be a sensitive topic to navigate. That’s why it may be beneficial to consider the option of a prepaid Direct Cremation plan to relieve the emotional and financial burden from your family, by planning and paying for our services ahead of time.

Our joint aim is to ensure you receive the expertise required and a high-quality experience along with allowing you to be safe in the knowledge your Direct Cremation is taken care of when the time comes.


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We can help you to arrange a Direct Cremation today, please telephone us, or complete the enquiry box for assistance from a member of our local, helpful, and professional team.

If in any doubt about whether a direct cremation is right for you or for your family, you can certainly contact us to ask any questions you wish. We offer free, confidential advice and can talk you through all the options, to help you make an informed decision.

To find out more about the traditional and contemporary funeral services we offer, you may wish to look at our website for information.

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